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Why use a bridging loan?

Bridging loans offer a wide range of both personal and business financial solutions such as:-

  • Cash Flow – this allow funds to be injected into a business for working capital/stock/asset purchase.
  • Property Acquisition & Development – this is especially useful for the purchase of property at Auction or if the property is to be developed and sold on within a short period of time.
  • Chain Breaking – this allows a purchase of a new property when the current property is not yet sold.
  • Credit repairs – this can be used to discharge bankruptcies, clear CVA’s or stave off repossessions.
  • Speed & Convenience – this can be used when funds are needed quickly and the high street lenders are not willing to lend.
  • Flexibility – this can be agreed very quickly (as quickly as 7 days) and without the strict criteria that the high street lenders  normally require.
  • Any Purpose – all bridging loans can be used for any purpose and can be secured on commercial, residential or semi commercial property or land.

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